The interview was the phone interview with Fengguo Gao, the manager of HTD/CD2/DE1 and Yingrui Chen when I was still in Michigan, US four months ago. They first gave me a decent description of MediaTek Inc., and provided me some job options to choose, from low power design, CAD script to IP sustainment. At that time, I just finished the course of VLSI Design, and did the project of designing a MIPS-based CPU with my teammates, especially the study of SRAM. However, I was very interested in the field of Low Power, since nowadays low power is very popular in both sectors of computer and mobile phones. 

So I later choose to do Low Power Methodology under the guidance of Zhuo Chen in MHF. During the interview,  they asked me about the project of CPU design on my CV, which is kind of a match to the ASIC design which they are focusing on. Even though I had the chance in doing both simulation and playing with layout in the academic project, there are much more steps in the actual overflow of industrial projects, making it accurate to mass production of a chip. After the one and half hour’s interview, I am pretty sure that I would come to MHF to do my four-month internship to extend and develop my skills.