I really appreciate having such an opportunity to work with so many kindly mates in MTK. In the past two months, I have learned a lot and changed my lifestyle much compared with that in school. This internship offers me a great opportunity to meet people and make contact. It helps me learn MTK, the culture and the value of MTK. I will describe my feelings and experience in the following.

Before entering MTK, in my mind, it is a very mysterious and great company.  To be honest, I did know little about it two month ago although it is a very famous and leading one in the modern communication and information technology industry. I still remember how nervous I was in that day I had the interview. However, the interview has been a very pleasant memory in my mind now. The interviewers who became my buddy (Chadwick and nick) later were so nice. Their sweet smile let me calm down and helped me answer the questions very smoothly. When I received the internship offer, I was so happy and looking forward to working with them. What’s more, in the first day I worked in MTK, I was deeply impressed by its unique company culture and value.  The buddy Chadwick introduced me to the mates.  He helped me adjust the new work environment and the restaurant quickly. It impressed me a lot.

During the past time, with the help of mates and buddy, I mainly study the direct sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) system. I focus myself on the performance of generalized-rake receiver. Although I had little knowledge of DS-CDMA system before and the research topic is strange to me at first, with the help of my mentor and buddy, I finally got a very clear information about the structure and  development of g-rake receiver. In the first few weeks, I started from the foreign papers and read some existing research references to help me understand the basic problems of g-rake receiver. After that, I proceed to solve the details of the problems, such as the formula derivation and simulation via matlab. In the process of studying, I have some difficulty in solving some complex problems. However, the mates always spare their time to help me solve difficulties as long as I turn to them for help.  Their patience and friendship warm me and touch my heart.

I have several deep conversations with my buddy and mates. I learn the study and work experience of them in MTK. Both of Chadwick and Tony have gotten a graduate education in England before they devote themselves to work. They afford very valuable suggestions about future career for me. Gavin has dedicated himself to the communication field for tens of years. He is a very experienced and hard-working engineer. Every time he tries to explain some problems to me, he is always patience and serious. The mates I have met are all kind and their seriousness about work leaves me a deep impression.  At last, I want to thank Joanna for her help. Before I had the interview, she patiently answered my question for several times. Besides, she prepared the interview for me and contacted me in time. In addition, I want to thank Chadwick, Gavin, Nick, and so many for their instructions during my work in MTK.